Thursday, 25 June 2015

Effect of Nutrient Management on Grain Yield of Aerobic Rice Under Irrigated Condition During Pre-Kharif Season

Abstract A field experiment on ‘Effect of nutrient management on grain yield of aerobic rice under irrigated condition during Pre-kharif season’ was conducted at Rice Research Station, Bankura, West Bengal, India during 2011 and 2012, respectively in upland situation of red and laterite areas of West Bengal. The experimental result revealed that grain yield of rice in aerobic situation was not significantly influenced by the irrigation schedules during pre-kharif season. Among the levels of nutrient management practices, highest grain yield (4.42 t ha-1) of aerobic rice [variety: Puspa (IET 17509)] was obtained from the treatment N2 [N1 (N, P2O5, K2O @ 80, 40, 40 kg ha-1) + Vermicompost @ 2.5 t ha-1]. It is the most promising approaches for saving water and labour. This is eco-friendly and environmentally safety. Rice production in aerobically is an important tool to mitigating the global warming i.e. climate change scenario.  

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