Saturday, 1 August 2015

On farm assessment of short duration rice variety Sahabhagidhan

On farm assessment of short duration rice variety  Sahabhagidhan
T. K . Samant1, B. Mohanty2, B. C. Dhir3

1,2,3Krishi Vigyan Kendra (OUAT), Angul-759132(Odisha), India

Abstract The  study was carried out through on farm testing  during  kharif  seasons  of  2012  and  2013  under mid central table land zone of Odisha with an objective to evaluate the  performances  of  short duration  paddy  Sahabhagi dhan as compared to the farmer’s practice (Khandagiri).  The late matured (98.3 days)  Sahabhagi dhan  recorded  higher  germination(48.4 m-2), plant height(87.5 cm), effective tillers plant-1(13.2), Length of panicle(22.6 cm), filled grains panicle-1(125.3) with spikelet fertility(93.65 %) and 1000 grain weight(22.3 g)  than khandagiri. The same also produced grain yield 35.5 q ha-1 which is 28.6 % higher yield than  Khandagiri with harvest index ( 47.9) and water productivity(3.17 kg mm-1). The variety   gave higher gross return  Rs. 50365 ha-1 with a benefit- cost ratio 1.38 and  additional net return  Rs.6059 ha-1 as compared to farmers practice and  thus the existing  variety Khandagiri can be replaced by  Sahabhagi dhan for higher productivity and  income.
Keywords Economics,  effective tillers,  on farm testing,  paddy,  water productivity

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