Saturday, 14 November 2015

Growth Assessment of Microorganisms in Vermicomposting of Municipal Wastes Materials in Different Days

Abstract— In India over population, migrate village to town, various industries development, agricultural and municipal wastes have release to dumping of waste materials caused a serious causes to the environment. India enormous quantities of disposable organic wastes materials like municipal solid waste (MSW) rich in plant nutrients were presented.

The macro and micro nutrients are available more in MSW, it is not properly decomposed (or) vermicomposting. MSW can’t be eaten directly by earthworms due to it bad smell, heavy metals, insects; water leachate to organic wastes etc. So the organic wastes such as dairy farm waste – cowdung (CD) and sugar industrial waste - pressmud (PM) with clay soil high nutritive content were mixed in equal ratio and used as bedding material (BM). The experimental bedding materials were prepared on dry weight basis by mixing the MSW + BM in the following percentage: T1 – 20% BM + 80% MSW, T2 – 40% BM + 60% MSW, T3 – 60% BM + 40% MSW, T4 – 80% BM + 20% MSW, C1 Control (BM alone) were also maintained separately. The microbial populations (bacteria, fungi and actinomycetes) were enumerated in the samples of 0 (Initial day), 15, 30, 45 and 60 days. The quantity of microbial population in the worm worked compost (vermicomposts) has significantly increased than worm unworked mixture. Microbial population was observed more in the vermicomposts of E. eugeniae than the L. mauritii. It could be due to the higher feeding rate, prolific breeding ability, suitable environment and multiplication of microbes while passing through the gut of worms and optimal moisture and activity of microbes.

Keywords Bedding materials, Municipal solid waste, Lampito mauritii, Eudrilus eugeniae, Microorganisms.

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